Burden Of Loss 7"


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released May 12, 2017

recorded & mixed by 1408 Productions in February, 2017



all rights reserved


ANGST Hanover, Germany

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Track Name: Interitus
Track Name: Dead To Me
you are dead to me
eradicate all agony
you are dead to me
put on your mask and hide your lies
a new life, wrong values
you're just a coward in disguise
and you've changed my recognition into hate
discord is your unfolding of fate
but you won't realize what i feel inside
i will shed no more tear and defeat my fears
Track Name: Inhale
seek your redemption
perceive the pain
claim your desire
admit the loss
those vacant eyes look back at days full of desperation
plain words can't pretend that every story's supposed to end
and you confess
trapped in this curse
still carry this burden
your sanity is starving under darkened skies
as much as you tried you can't detain your demise
reclaim those times that you lost
another promise fades into dust
and you're too weak to mend the wounds that still bleed
start to question yourself but no answers in sight
life ought to save you
but now reaching the edge
the closer you get
it's death you regret
purified from the guilt of grief
found your way out
breathe in your relief
Track Name: Drown
drowning in moments that we used to share
we trusted each other but fell into despair
and all joy left us behind
no feelings to offer
no pleasure to give
our thoughts were made to suffer
just doubts have outlived
searching for shelter but none is to be found
we walk alone and meaningless on our burial ground
and we hoped love could revive us
but love can't save us
love won't save us
not the ones we wanted to be
we're numb
we're blind
we drown in apathy

guest vocals by Adrian (Fourth Crusade)
Track Name: Bad Seed
the bad seed of mankind is growing
set on fire
rip out the crop
set on fire
and burn the earth down
obsessed by deception running through their veins
they force restless mindsets surrender the pain
caught in frustration we shall not escape
a terrifying world is what they want to create
set on fire
rip out the crop
set on fire
and burn the earth down
imposed delusions embrace us all
and their posioned ideals set down on our souls
while they're proving the image of a dying world
we'll rise from their ashes and try to preserve
that our convictions won't go unheard
rip out
burn down